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Mr. Crapo and his family own a diversified potato growing operation in Eastern Idaho. With headquarters in Parker, Idaho, Skyline Farms was founded during the depression by Mr. Maurice Crapo and his brothers; Fred, Winfred, and Levelle. After Mr. Maurice Crapo’s generation retired the farm was passed to the next generation to George Crapo and his brothers; Richard, Bruce, Blair, and David. Today it is very much a family affair with sons and grandsons involved in all aspects of the operations.

Skyline Farms primarily grows Russet Burbanks but also custom grows red and gold varieties for Idahoan Foods. Well over 50% of their crop goes to fresh markets with the rest to process plants. Conn Crapo, son of Mr. George Crapo, also grows seed potatoes in the Teton Valley.


The Wada Family has been growing famous Idaho® potatoes ever since 1943. Frank Wada emigrated to the U.S. from Japan in 1922 at the age of 13. Frank and his wife Agnes farmed in San Clemente, California until World War II broke out. They moved inland during the war to avoid internment when Japanese Americans were forced to relocate from California. Upon settling in Southeastern Idaho, the decision to grow potatoes on 160 rented acres of land was the start to what Wada Farms has become today.

Born in 1946, Albert Wada began working on the family farm at an early age, eventually taking over the business from his father Frank upon his retirement in 1972. Farming on 400 acres of land in 1972, Wada Farms now grows crops on approximately 30,000 irrigated acres today. During that time, the belief in the company motto Pride in Excellence has helped them become an industry leader. Albert and his wife Christine have four children, with their oldest son Bryan carrying on the family tradition as the company president.

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