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Keep your cool with summertime dinners

Seems like summer has come on with a vengeance here in Idaho. Boise recorded the hottest June since 1918 with sixteen days over 90°F and one day hitting a sweltering 110°F – the warmest June day on record. And so far July hasn’t shown any reprieve.
Chicken Leg on Sour Cream & ChiveSo with the air conditioning already working overtime, we’re keeping dinners simple by turning to our Easy Meal Solutions collection. A rotisserie chicken is the perfect place to start as it’s good hot or cold and makes great leftovers.
02142 Sour-Cream & Chives
We’re pairing that with our brand new Sour Cream & Chives Mashed Potatoes – classic baked favorites mixed with our real Idaho® potatoes. This product is so new it might not have hit the shelves in your area yet so while you’re keeping an eye out for it, Buttery Homestyle would also make a perfect accompaniment. A packaged green salad kit rounds out the complete meal that not only is ready in no time but helps you keep your cool when it comes to summertime dinners.
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