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Take it on the run

A few weeks have gone by now and everyone is getting settled into the fall groove. After a summer of freewheeling, it’s a bit rough those first few days – adjusting to not only being on a schedule again, but a full one to boot. In addition to chores now there’s homework to fit into those evenings. And then there’s the extracurricular activities that seem to practically run the wheels right off the car, as my mom used to say.

With everyone going a million miles an hour in all directions, it’s hard to find time for dinner, or even a snack that is anything more than a granola bar or cheese stick, for that matter. This recipe for Bacon & Cheddar Chipotle Quesadillas fits both bills. Make at home, wrap in foil and you have a hot snack that will fill up your athlete on the way to practice. Or instead of going through the drive thru on the way home, whip up this easy recipe for dinner in just a few minutes. Add a salad, some chips and salsa and who knows, you might actually get the family to sit down for dinner together after all.

Quesadilla on Chipotle

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