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Wasabi Mashed Potatoes

One of my favorite parts of sushi might be the wasabi. It adds a big punch of flavor and will certainly clear out your sinuses if you’re not careful.

This was the extent of my wasabi culinary adventures though until one night when out at a restaurant, I ordered seared ahi tuna and it came sitting on top of a pile of wasabi mashed potatoes. Brilliant! Big, spicy flavor mixed with creamy mashed potatoes that was the perfect accompaniment to the fish.

Wasabi components

What is wasabi?

Wasabi is a plant that has a big green root and tastes like strong horseradish. It is often used in Japanese cooking in either paste or powder form.

Wasabi mashed potatoes

It’s easy to make your own

Wasabi mashed potatoes don’t have to be reserved for restaurant occasions though. They are easy to make at home, especially when you start with Idahoan mashed potatoes. I like to use the Baby Reds® because it is more rustic with pieces of the skin and more lumps but Buttery Homestyle or Original would be good starting points too. Check out the full recipe here. The wasabi drizzle is a great way to dress them up but not necessary for quick weeknight meal prep.

Wasabi mashed potatoes as a side dish aren’t limited to ahi. They’re great with steak, short ribs or anything that benefits from a spicy sidekick.


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