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Yumminess Awards

I recently read a news blurb that some restaurants want to ban photos in their establishments. They are getting weary of food lovers taking pictures of their plates because it holds up the service. How would I entertain myself when dining? My camera roll on my phone is 90% food shots!

While it’s still legal to snap foodie pics I thought I would share two of my favorites. If an award was given to the best use of potatoes starring in the center of the plate, hands down to Rick’s Press Room in Meridian, Idaho for their Salmon in Potato entrée. This dish has almost become potato folklore in Idaho. It’s a deliciously prepared salmon filet between a base layer of mashed potatoes encrusted with golden brown hash browns. Complimented with a delicate lemon-garlic sauce it is surprisingly delicate. This place is so much fun that Guy Fieri of Food Network has stopped by and signed the wall.

Now, the award for best supporting mashed potato side dish is from III Forks in Dallas, Texas. This restaurant is an institution just off the Dallas Parkway. Maybe it’s the ambience or just because I love all things Dallas but these spuds are really yummy. A little extra butter and parsley, they are the perfect anchor to a nice steak.

Hmmm… with a special day coming up next week this may be my inspiration for my own Valentine’s dinner. A little Idahoan Butter and Herb Flavored Mashed Potatoes on the side with a really great tenderloin plus the choice of two yummy desserts with a surprise ingredient. Here’s a hint – our Idahoan test kitchen smells like chocolate! Stay tuned…

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