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Fresh-dried mashed potatoes take the work out of mashed potatoes!

Fresh-Dried Mashed Potatoes

If you still equate dehydrated mashed potatoes with what you were served in grade school hot lunch, boy are you going to be surprised when you taste how far they’ve come! Fresh-dried mashed potatoes are definitely a game-changer. Mashed Potatoes Just Like You Make There’s a lot of misconceptions around what dehydrated mashed potatoes are,…

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Idahoan Wins 2019 Product of the Year–Side Dish Category

IDAHOAN® FAMILY SIZE MASHED POTATOES VOTED PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2019 Largest Consumer Survey of Product Innovation Awards Idahoan® Family Size Mashed Potatoes As Category Winner! NEW YORK, February 8, 2019 – Idahoan Foods, LLC announced today that its  Idahoan® Family Size Mashed Potatoes, has been named Product of the Year for 2019, receiving top honors…

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