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3rd Place Winner – Clam and Corn Chowder

Sure, our chef is always coming up with new, exciting recipes but we had a feeling that our own employees had some pretty creative uses for our product as well so we decided to have a contest at our corporate office to see what they would cook up. This inspired a flurry of activity in…

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Game Day Game Plan

It’s hard to see summer go for sure. It seems like only yesterday that we were making big plans for months of camping and swimming and plenty of time outside gathered around the grill. Suddenly it’s noticeably a little darker a little earlier, the first signs of yellow, orange and red are starting to color…

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Let’s Go Camping!

From potato salad to hot dogs to stuffed trout, Idahoan makes camping food easy and delicious food. Take us on your next adventure!

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Dog Blog

What makes summer the best season of all? Is it the weekends spent camping or days cheering on your favorite team at the ball park? Or is it the food? I am a fan of hot dogs during the summer time, but not just your average over-the-fire or afternoon-at-the-ballgame hot dog. This hot dog is much,…

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3rd Place Winner 2014 Soup Contest

Spicy Indian Potato Bean Soup is full of veggies, lower in salt and the 3rd place winner in the Idahoan 2014 Soup Contest!

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2nd Place Winner 2014 Soup Contest

Using our Idahoan product as a thickener allowed for a lighter version of this deliciously creamy soup with the same great Italian taste.

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An Interview with our Soup Contest Winner, Kay Z.

This recipe for Creamy Poblano Potato Soup won over our tastebuds and walked away with 1st prize in the Idahoan 2014 Soup Contest!

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A Scot’s Thoughts on Au Gratin Shepherd’s Pie

This entry is by a guest blogger – our Idahoan chef, David Macfarlane! As a child growing up in Scotland, potatoes were an essential part of every meal. One of my most memorable foods as a child (OK I also admit as an adult also) is a dish known as stovies. It is a dish…

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Souper Ideas

I love soup. I love it so much that it would be my last meal. Thinking back to the soups that my grandmother and mother used to make, it was an all-day labor of love. The house was filled with the delicious aroma of onions and chicken broth. Grandma’s specialty was chicken noodle soup with…

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Grandma Caroline’s Inspired Cheese and Apple Hash Browns

One of my fondest memories as a child was to have a tea party with my grandma. There were always treats served with our strong and sweet Russian tea and my favorite was a thinly sliced red apple and cheddar cheese. It was no coincidence that I stumbled on an Idahoan version in our test…

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Teaming up with Chef Casey Thompson for the Holidays

Idahoan is teaming up with Chef Casey Thompson of Top Chef fame for the holidays and a show stopping main course.

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Shrimp, Mashed Potatoes & New Orleans

Bring home the taste of New Orleans with shrimp & grits with an Idahoan twist – mashed potatoes of course!

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