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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Idahoan products?

Our products are available in most retail stores depending on what product you are looking for, where you live and what stores you have in your area. Check out this list to find a store near you.

Can I purchase Idahoan product directly from Idahoan Foods?

Yes you can! A number of our products are available for order on our online store at

My product is past the Best By Date, is it still safe to use?

We do not recommend using our product past the Best By Date as the potatoes will start to break down affecting taste, texture and the overall quality of the product. In some rare cases the potatoes can also spoil.

How do I make more than one package at a time?

When making more than one package at a time, add the appropriate amount of ingredients that are called for on the package (ie. If you were making two packages of Idahoan Scalloped Homestyle Casserole you would add 3 cups of water 1-½ cups of milk, 3 Tbsp. of margarine or butter and two packages of potatoes. If you were making 3 Idahoan Buttery Homestyle mashed potatoes you would boil 6 cups of water and 3 packages of potatoes.) Then follow the package directions as indicated.

How long should I bake Idahoan Homestyle casseroles at different oven temperatures?

In conventional oven:

  • at 325 degrees, bake 45 – 50 min. or until tender
  • at 350 degrees, bake 40 – 45 min. or until tender
  • at 375 degrees, bake 35 – 40 min. or until tender
  • at 400 degrees, bake 30 – 35 min. or until tender
  • at 450 degrees, bake 20 min. or until tender

NOTE: If a more golden brown color is desired, bake 5 additional minutes. Double batch: Bake at 400 degrees 35 – 40 min. or until tender.

What products are Gluten free? Dairy free? Soy free?

Please visit the individual product page for allergen information. See all products.

Do your products contain MSG?

No, all Idahoan products are MSG free!

Can I substitute Idahoan instant mashed potatoes in recipes calling for “Fresh” potatoes?

Yes, you can easily use instant potatoes in a recipe that calls for fresh potatoes. One cup of prepared Idahoan Mashed Potatoes = one medium fresh potato. Five pounds of fresh potatoes = approximately 1 pound of dry Idahoan flakes (or approximately 10 medium fresh potatoes).

What is the best flavor of mashed potatoes?

You will have to try them and decide for yourself but in our opinion you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

What is the best dish to eat with potatoes?

If you ask us nothing goes better with potatoes than more potatoes! Seriously though, we think that potatoes go with anything so find your favorite combination and let us know how you like your potatoes.

I would like to suggest a recipe, how do I do that?

Please send us an email through the contact us page and tell us how to make your creation. We will try it and if we like it enough we will ask if we can use it as one of our featured recipes on our website.

How much potassium is in your potatoes?

As a general rule of thumb there are about 250 mg per serving of any of our products.

Can I make your potatoes ahead of time and keep them in the fridge?

We don’t suggest this because your potatoes can become watery. All you have to do is have the water boiling, add the potatoes, and stir. It is a very quick and easy process.

Why does it look like there are chunks of potato and pieces of skin in my potatoes?

The Baby Reds and Buttery Golden Selects varieties of our flavored mashed potatoes have chunks of potato and pieces of the potato skin to give a more homemade texture. When you make these varieties make sure that after you have boiled the water and mixed the potatoes in that you cover it and wait for about five minutes for the chunks to get soft.

Why are there dark spots in my potatoes?

On rare occasions the skins of potatoes manage to get through during the cutting and sorting process in our plants. Potato skins are not harmful to your health but we do understand discovering them may be surprising.

Do your products contain B.E. (Bioengineered) ingredients?

Information on Idahoan products that contain B.E. ingredients can be found by scanning the smart label QR code on our packaging. For more information on B.E. please refer to the links below:
Agricultural Biotechnology GMOs 101
Top 10 Consumer Questions About GMOs Answered

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