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Keep your cool with summertime dinners

Seems like summer has come on with a vengeance here in Idaho. Boise recorded the hottest June since 1918 with sixteen days over 90°F and one day hitting a sweltering 110°F – the warmest June day on record. And so far July hasn’t shown any reprieve. So with the air conditioning already working overtime, we’re…

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Let’s get summer started

Even though June 21 might be the official start, Memorial Day weekend always signifies the start of summer for me. The patio has been cleaned off, lawn furniture reappears from the garage and finally the threat of frost has allowed for pots to be filled with flowers blooming in all shades of cheery. Just last…

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Easy Meal Solutions

Life is busy. We get it. We spend our evenings trying to fit it all in – whether it’s shuttling kids to soccer practice, getting homework done or tackling the never ending pile of laundry. And somewhere in there our family seems to want dinner too! That’s why we’re developing a new collection of recipes…

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Making an Easter Tradition Easier

Ham and scalloped potatoes are to Easter like turkey and mashed potatoes are to Thanksgiving – traditional.Easter morning is a time for church, egg hunts and diving into baskets filled with pastel colored plastic grass, foil wrapped chocolates and marshmallows shaped like little yellow chicks. It’s a time to make memories, not necessarily dinner. So…

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Wasabi Mashed Potatoes

One of my favorite parts of sushi might be the wasabi. It adds a big punch of flavor and will certainly clear out your sinuses if you’re not careful. This was the extent of my wasabi culinary adventures though until one night when out at a restaurant, I ordered seared ahi tuna and it came…

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Potato (and chocolate) Lovers Month

Potatoes might not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning a sweet treat for your Valentine but you just might be surprised to find that they can be a baker’s best friend. Mashed potatoes add structure to baked goods, make them undeniably moist and can turn regular recipes into gluten free versions….

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1st place winner – Idahoan Mashed Indulgence

The first Thursday of each month, the folks at the corporate office get together for lunch and what we call “15 Minutes of Fame”. It’s a time for us to recognize birthdays, anniversaries, and any other special events in our employee’s lives. We always serve an Idahoan dish and that inspired the HR department to…

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2nd Place Winner – Mashed Potato Stuffed Chiles Rellenos

A couple posts ago we wrote about a little friendly competition we had amongst the employees at our corporate office in Idaho Falls where they were encouraged to let their creativity shine. From that, not only did we get some great recipes, we had a lot of fun. Our 2nd place winner was from Adriana T.,…

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Holiday Time is Family Time

We can’t help it… sometimes it’s fun to play with food! Take for example a holiday tradition we started three years ago with Mr & Mrs Russet, newlyweds at the time, and their dog Fluffy. Their adorableness grew as did their family when by the next holiday season there was a new addition – Baby…

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3rd Place Winner – Clam and Corn Chowder

Sure, our chef is always coming up with new, exciting recipes but we had a feeling that our own employees had some pretty creative uses for our product as well so we decided to have a contest at our corporate office to see what they would cook up. This inspired a flurry of activity in…

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Game Day Game Plan

It’s hard to see summer go for sure. It seems like only yesterday that we were making big plans for months of camping and swimming and plenty of time outside gathered around the grill. Suddenly it’s noticeably a little darker a little earlier, the first signs of yellow, orange and red are starting to color…

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Let’s Go Camping!

From potato salad to hot dogs to stuffed trout, Idahoan makes camping food easy and delicious food. Take us on your next adventure!

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