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Honest Earth

Craving Something Sweet?

Craving something sweet? Try the all NEW Honest Earth Mashed Sweet Potatoes by Idahoan. Heat in the pouch and ready to eat in only 60 seconds. Perfect for a quick lunch, afternoon snack, or a side dish that's on the table before it's even set! Enjoy plain or top with a few nuts for a protein punch to power your day. And make sure you check out all the delicious recipes below.

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Simple Ingredients

We make Honest Earth Mashed Sweet Potatoes with simple ingredients – genuine sweet potatoes, brown sugar, and butter – with no preservatives. And they are a good source of vitamin A!

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Get Creative With Our Delectable Recipes

While Honest Earth Mashed Sweet Potatoes are great straight out of the pouch, they are also a shortcut to quick soups, baked goods, and waffles. They're great any time of day, any time of the year. Yep. Go crazy and have your favorite marshmallow-studded casserole anytime!