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What Makes Idaho the Perfect Place for Potatoes

A lot of states grow potatoes, right? So what makes the ones grown in Idaho so special? It’s the combination of many things – a perfect aligning of the stars if you will.

Idahoan_ 084

The Idaho® Russet is actually a relative of a variety originally found on the slopes of the Peruvian Andes – a place that turns out to be a lot like the area in Eastern Idaho. Our high altitude yields lots of warm sunny days that turn into cool evenings.


Soil, of course, also plays a big role. Volcanic material once covered all our land and as it slowly eroded over many years, it created a soil that is dark, rich, well-drained and packed with minerals.

Tetons-potato field

And then water is a must and we’re lucky enough to have the pure snowmelt from the Teton Mountains to irrigate our fields.


Finally there’s the dedication of the farmers. The know-how to grow great tasting potatoes isn’t acquired in just one lifetime, but is often the accumulation of generations of experience. It’s rugged but satisfying work to grow these famous potatoes.

And there you have it – the recipe for growing what we consider to be the best tasting potatoes in the world! The potatoes we are proud to use in every one of our products.

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