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    3rd Place Winner 2014 Soup Contest

    “Wow—that smells good. Can I have some???” are the sweetest words Susan L, third place winner in our 2014 Soup Contest, said she could hear from her husband. He is part of Susan’s motivation to create plant-based meals so perhaps it is to he that we owe thanks for this uniquely spicy soup that we loved so much. With its full-of-vegetables, low-in-salt, ethnic taste, Susan…

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  • Idahoan on Your Table

  • Idahoan Coca-Cola Cake

    This recipe originally came from one of our favorite Food Network stars, Nigella Lawson. A little alteration here and there (like including Idahoan's Original Mashed Potatoes) to this wonderfully rich cake made with Coca-Cola and a new favorite was created! View Recipe »