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Mashed Potato Pot Pie

Ready in 5 minutes
Complexity: Easy Peasy
Serves 2 People
5 Minute Meals

What happens when you combine two comfort foods into one dish? You get a super comfort food, of course!  Stretch your favorite chicken pot pie a little further by serving it over Idahoan® Baby Reds® Mashed Potatoes for a dish that is warm and filling and oh so comforting. Use a great tasting Idahoan® Mashed Potato Cup for an easy meal on the go!

Mashed Potato Pot Pie
Serves: 2
  • 4-oz package Idahoan® Baby Reds® Mashed Potatoes
  • 2 frozen single serve chicken or beef pot pies
  1. Bake or microwave pot pies following package instructions.
  2. While pot pies are cooling, prepare mashed potatoes according to package instructions.
  3. Divide mashed potatoes between two bowls.
  4. Invert warm pot pies over the top of each serving of mashed potatoes, breaking the crust to allow vegetables and gravy to cover potatoes.


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